Annapoils wedding

Julia + Tristan

Julia + Tristan planned a colorful summer wedding in a field outside Annapolis, with the help of the amazing team at Pop the Cork Designs.


What was fabulous:

Instead of getting ready in the bridal suite that didn’t have any windows or natural light, we made a dressing room in a grove of trees for Julia to get ready.Because when else in your life will you get to put on a beautiful gown, surrounded by your best friends, your feet cushioned in soft grass, and feel the freedom of the warm summer breeze rush around you so completely?

And then there were the colors, the garlands of leaves and succulents scattered on tables, an adorable cake served with Picnic Pops, and the outdoor ballroom surrounded by string lights that twinkled into the twilight as they danced the night away.


Creative team:

Pop the Cork Designs