Josephine Butler wedding photos // Allie + Etaiy’s Best Day Ever!

Josephine Butler wedding photos // Allie + Etaiy’s Best Day Ever!

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From the bottom of my heart, I have to say this was one of the most touching weddings I have ever been a part of.

Maybe it was because their wedding party was their family. Parents and sister and brother, all standing up with them under their beautiful flower-covered chuppah.

Or maybe it was the sweet walk through Meridian Hill Park, a place that looks like it belongs in a chic European city, where we took in their first moments of being husband and wife – a place so close to their DC home that they can visit again many more days of their life together.

But what if it was that their celebration was in the middle of the day, when sunlight streamed through the wavy glass windows of the sunny yellow Josephine Butler Parks Center, and guests sipped mimosas and had a cocktail hour of breakfast foods?

And then I think it might have been because their vows were so heartfelt and sweet – he promised to tell her that he loved her and live his life showing her just that, and together they gave each other endless loyalty and adventure. They wrote their own and it was just the best thing in the world.

Or it could have been that all of Israel was joining in their celebration that day, a concept that warms my heart a thousand times over – that an entire nation gets swept up in the joys and sorrows and cares intimately about the lives of all the people who belong to it…and can you imagine how our world would be different if we cared that deeply for those who we share a country with?

None of these were the reasons I expected to love this wedding. I knew I loved Allie and Etaiy because they are so freaking adorable together and it’s pretty safe to say they have the romance thing on lockdown. But they brought me into a completely new experience of having a wedding – one where your past and your future are beautifully wound together to create a wonderful celebration imbued with meaning and intention – and when those are present, it’s always the best day ever.


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Shout out to these friendors for being amazing:
Event planner: Prestigious Occasions
Floral designer: Stylish Occasions by Amanda
Hair and makeup artist: Amie Decker Beauty
Music: Speakers of the House
Caterer: Occasions Caterers
Second photographer: Chelsea Morrison

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