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Pool Party in the Desert // Palm Springs photographers

Pool party in the desert


Pool parties in the desert always seemed kind of oxymoronish to me. I’m not sure if you know this, but if playing in the water is your idea of fun, the desert isn’t exactly the place you’d think to go. Or so they say. Maybe they haven’t been to Palm Springs, where a pool party in the desert is very much the legendary thing to do.

And yet, it seems like the desert should get a chance to play too – the actual desert, not the man-made one – so we ditched the hotel pool for just a bit to make sure the desert got its turn. Got all dressed up and literally took the pool party to the desert…and tried to make it look just as fun. (And those pool floats? They magically fit in my carryon…but not so much in the trunk of our little beetle convertible.)

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What I’ve learned from photographing yoga // Annapolis yoga photographer

Courage. It takes courage to try something new, to do something outside the circle of comfort, even just to get started.

Over the holiday break, I sat in my hammock chair and made goals for the new year. To find a community. To find new things to photograph. To use the quiet winter time to stretch (literally and figuratively). To do things that nourish my soul. One of those things was to find a way to photograph some of my other passions…like yoga.

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Cointreau Garden Dinner Party for Glitter Guide

Garden dinner party // Anna Reynal Photography


Just a Cointreau garden dinner party to inspire your al fresco dining dreams.


Doesn’t this make you want to sit outside in the last remaining light of the day, giggling and eating and drinking with your besties as twilight falls and the lightning bugs twinkle in the trees?

Oh girl, me too.


Garden party flowers // Anna Reynal Photography Garden Dinner Party serving // Anna Reynal Photography Cointreau cocktail ideas // Anna Reynal Photography Garden Dinner Party // Anna Reynal Photography Garden party drinkware // Anna Reynal Photography Garden party platter // Anna Reynal Photography Garden party table setting // Anna Reynal Photography Garden bar cart Anna Reynal Photography-70 Garden Dinner Party Anna Reynal Photography-56Cointreau Ricky cocktail Anna Reynal Photography-87


Styling by Caitlin Kruse, Paper by Poppy + Scooter. See more from this party on Glitter Guide.

Color wheel inspired wedding // Featured on Rock n’ Roll Bride


Occasionally, I find myself in a pinch me moment. And sometimes I have an internal struggle about saying it out loud, or broadcasting it across the internet, but I’m really trying hard to remember to celebrate the wins, because one of my truths is making a point to cherish the things – big or small – that bring about joy.

Having this color wheel inspired wedding photo shoot featured on Rock n’ Roll Bride and working with a team of amazing creatives to make it come to life was one of them.

First, I should mention that Rock n’ Roll Bride was has long been one of my favorite wedding blogs for the types of weddings I love – free spirited, colorful and unique. Getting to be a part of it is a long-time dream come true, and for that I feel so incredible grateful to Kat and the editorial team.

But most of all – making new friends and working together to create a dream wedding that was a different take on what a wedding looks like, one that doesn’t shy away from color or boldness, or making a statement, will probably be one of the highlights of this year for me. This team was filled with some of the most creative ladies (and a gentleman or two) in the wedding biz who pulled out all the stops to make this come to life. And I owe them all the thanks for believing in the vision.

Most especially, a shout out goes to Pop the Cork Designs for dreaming it up and being a sounding board and a visionary. Big picture people are my favorites, and Jenna knows how to hustle and bring an idea to life. I’d pick her (and all of the rest of these dreamers) to be on my team any day of the week.

I love these images with my whole being, knowing they are a teeny window into the things my heart calls for and wants to make more of.



All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_002 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_003 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_062All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_004 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_045All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_005 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_007 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_008 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_054All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_014 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_019 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_022 All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_056All the color wedding inspiration session_Anna Reynal Photography_039


If I had a confetti canon, I would set it off for each of these amazing creatives:

Styling: Pop the Cork Designs
Location: The Loft at 600F
Dress: Wai-Ching
Groom’s Attire: Banana Republic
Bow ties: Boutaugh
Flowers: Petals and Promises
Stationery: Kristen Caudill
Hair: PSC Hair Artistry
Make Up: Behind the Veil Beauty
Rentals: XOXO Vintage
Cake: Cakes by Rachael
Chocolates: Sweet Meat Chef
Candy: Bash Event Design
Welcome Gift: Marigold & Grey
Geometric Details: 1 Pixie Place
Geometric Details: Nikki Cross Applesauce
Table Numbers: Winston & Main

Cheerful style // XOXO Vintage Rentals

Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography


“The genius is really in curating things from the past and reviving them in the present”
– Johanna Blakley


I was listening to the TED Radio Hour on my run this week, and those words by Johanna Blakley just struck me. In context, she was speaking about fashion and the ability of designers to bring back classics that feel relevant and fresh today, mixing them with current trends and styles for a unique look.

And this, making vintage modern, is what my amazing friend Amy of XOXO Vintage does with her furniture and props…and her pretty things are all available to rent for photo shoots and weddings!

Each of her pieces are handmade with love; she has an eye for unique furniture and accessories with good bones that just need a little extra TLC. While they may start out looking like they belonged in a bygone era, Amy transforms them into statement pieces that fit into modern settings but still have character and history. She truly is a genius at bringing new life to old things.

But what’s more…Amy is a creator at heart. She doesn’t just deliver rented pieces or reupholster furniture – all of which she does, in fact, do on a weekly basis. She makes each and every rental personal. I’ve watched her put menus on mirrors and draw on doors to turn each piece into a signature item for a wedding, event, or styled shoot. Creating furniture pairings to match the style of an event is a gift of hers, and she goes the extra mile to personalize the treasures for each person who rents her pieces.

We made a date to make photos of some of the newest inventory in her collection, and Amy put so much thought into the styling of each piece. I love the silhouettes on the pair of doors that would be so lovely as the entrance to an outdoor ceremony site. The lighted anchor above the navy sofa is just the perfect pairing for a nautical cocktail lounge. And the wood-topped ironing board as a cake table is just the most adorable new use for an old thing I’ve ever seen.


Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography Anna Reynal | Cheerful Photography


And of course, you don’t just have to have a wedding to use these lovely pieces…they make great props for engagement sessions, head shots, and almost any other portrait session or party you can think of!




Want to rent props for your wedding or portrait session? Get in touch with Amy! Want to make beautiful photos for your wedding or of your pretty things? Let’s work together!




Featured // Piñata Wedding Inspiration on Capitol Romance!


You guys!! I’m not going to lie, I let out a little scream of excitement this morning as I was leaving the gym, when Amy texted me to let me know our piñata wedding inspiration styled shoot was up on Capitol Romance today! I’ve been dying to share it with you!

This Piñata inspired wedding photo shoot has been living in my head for almost a year, and I’m so thrilled to see it come to life and be featured over on DC wedding style blog Capitol Romance! Bree, who curates Capitol Romance so beautifully, has such a fabulous eye for off-beat, non-traditional, and modern style, so it is such an honor to have this photo shoot shared by a blog that embodies the things I love most about weddings!

Just like any wedding, this was totally and completely a team effort and I absolutely loved working with every single one of the artists and creatives who made it happen (hint, hint: if you’re looking for amazing people to help you bring your wedding dream to life…these are your people).

Love to // Invitations: Kelly Nealon // Venue: Powerhouse DC // Hair & Makeup: Behind the Veil, LLC // Florals and table design: Bella Fiori Couture Floral, Linens and Events Design // Furniture: XOXOvintage // Desserts: Sweet Hearts Patisserie // Dress: Garnish Boutique


Piñata wedding inspiration_Anna Reynal-003 Piñata wedding inspiration_Anna Reynal-005 Pinata Styled Shoot_Anna Reynal-046 Pinata Styled Shoot_Anna Reynal-001Pinata Styled Shoot_Anna Reynal-051 Pinata Styled Shoot_Anna Reynal-055 Pinata Styled Shoot_Anna Reynal-056 Pinata Styled Shoot_Anna Reynal-068


Happy Friday!



Annapolis photographer_Anna Reynal-1154


The more I get to know other photographers, the more grateful it makes me to be a part of a creative community.

It’s so funny how you hear about other people, you see them post on Facebook and you have tons of the same friends, but yet it takes awhile to get around to meeting in person. There’s an anticipation that builds up around actually seeing each other face to face…and I always feel a little bit star-struck, like I’m finally meeting someone famous.

Which is why I so loved getting to meet some of the local photographers whose paths had not yet crossed mine at other networking events – and catch up with others who I haven’t seen in awhile. We grabbed drinks (or in my case, a bowl of brussels sprouts – I’m rather obsessed with them at the moment and they’re a perfect appetizer!) and then spent the evening roaming the streets of Annapolis with models. Yes, models. Like we were the paparazzi. Life long dream accomplished.

The whole point of the outing was to play around at sunset and into the dark and to try different things with off-camera lighting. I brought along a light stand, a shoot-through umbrella, and two flashes in addition to my regular bag of lenses and things. I really ended up loving these from the sunset portion of the evening though…and it really shows why the golden hour is the very best time for portraits!


Annapolis photographer_Anna Reynal-1122 Annapolis photographer_Anna Reynal-1133 Annapolis photographer_Anna Reynal-1145


It was so fun making new photografriends and playing in the streets at night. Can’t wait to do it again!

Oscars Party Inspiration

Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5886


adore the Oscars. It’s probably my love of gorgeous people in beautiful clothes (okay, let’s be real here…it’s like watching grown-up prom without having to be a part of the drama), but awards season is pretty much what gets me through winter.

And really, what’s more fun than watching the awards with your friends…and making it a celebration? I know there are plenty of significant others who would be glad to be off the hook for watching a three-hour awards show spectacular…mine included.

While the idea of an Oscars party is far from original – there are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest to get you started – when I suggested an Oscars party styled shoot to my super creative partner-in-crime who is a fabulous stylist and interior designer, Caitlin, we decided to do it in a completely different way.

Yes, the Oscars are Hollywood’s most glam occasion, but the heart of the event is really all about celebrating the very best of the best in film. So we picked our favorite director – Wes Anderson – and channelled his aura to create a fun and quirky Oscars party!

Almost everything in this photo shoot was DIY, from the paper-covered books with the names of the Best Picture nominees to the  popcorn containers made from paper lunch bags and the whimsical portrait gallery of Best Actor + Actress nominees that could easily take the place of an existing family portrait gallery for just one night. I hope it gives you plenty of ideas for making your own night of Oscars fun!

Want to know more about the inspiration for this shoot? Check it out on The Everygirl!


Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5893Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5730Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5780Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-1768Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5848 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5812 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-1795 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5882 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-1805 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5896 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5870 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5866 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5761 Colorful Oscars party inspiration_Anna Reynal-5856

See More From Oscars Party Inspiration


And last but not least, it wouldn’t be the Oscars without an *acceptance speech,* and I really must thank a few very important people: obviously, Caitlin who turned my crazy vision into a reality – and that, my friends, is a major accomplishment; The Everygirl for featuring our work on their site, for which we are so incredibly grateful – we love The Everygirl (and you should too!); my mom, for letting me go antique shopping in her house; and last but most certainly not least, our significant others for allowing us to turn our homes upside down to make this happen.

So who do you think the Oscar will go to?

A Winter Wonderland Portrait Session // Kinder Farm Park

I want to put on a soundtrack of winter carols every time I look at these photos.

This is Caitlin and her sweet family, Trevor and Bentley – they are probably the most adorable little trio ever. If we’re being totally honest here, and I assure you, we are, they are – as Mary Poppins would say – practically perfect in every way. She’s an interior stylist and he’s a designer. Kind of a dreamy match, really…and in more ways than one. She’s excitable and bubbly, he’s collected and calming (and has the most enviable man style, I kid you not). But even better – they are fun and cheerful, share so much love for each other, and are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And I just love them to pieces.

Oh, and then there’s Bentley. If you don’t die from cuteness overload, you are officially a grinch and there is no cure for you. I want to just scoop him up and give him loads of kisses…which I have no doubt he would happily return.

Once you see the excitement on her face, it probably goes without saying that Christmas is Caitlin’s favorite holiday. So we put on a little celebration on a chilly Saturday morning…


Kinder Farm park portraits_Anna Reynal-1280 boston terrier_Annapolis pet photographers_Anna Reynal-1182 Kinder Farm park portraits_Anna Reynal_Hot chocolate Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1323 Kinder Farm Park portraits_Anna Reynal-1423 Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1370 cheerful christmas portraits_Annapolis portrait photographers_Anna Reynal-1283 Boston Terrier_Annapolis pet photographers_Anna Reynal-1296 Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1428Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1367Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1331 Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1389 Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1393 Kinder Farm park portraits_Annapolis portrait photographer_Anna Reynal-1288 Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1417 Caitlin and Trevor_Anna Reynal-1339 Kinder farm park portraits_Annapolis portrait photographer_Anna Reynal-1443


Hope this brought some holiday cheer to your Monday, friends! Have a beautiful day!

PS. I am so grateful to Jess for connecting me to Caitlin. You were so right :0).

Creative Direction

DIY Canvas Blanket-8967


One time an interviewer asked me what my dream job would be. I should have said photographer, but instead, I said that it would be to work for a magazine, making up cool stories and bringing them to life. And then photographing them. Some people might call this a creative director.

Which is one of my favorite parts of my job these days. I like to think of myself as the creative director for Anna Reynal Photography…among other job titles. Even though I’m not working for a magazine, there is nothing stopping me from coming up with ideas to enhance a portrait session, and bring an extra element to it to enhance the mood and the message. A little special sauce to make the portrait experience more fun and unique.

So last week, I made two special projects – one for mini sessions and one for the salsa photo shoot. For each one, I had in mind the overall mood I wanted to create – one needed to be reflective of my brand, and the other was inspired by the brand of the client.

I kind of love this added element of my job – taking a stylistic idea and turing it into something tangible. Working with my subjects to add sense of who they are through environmental elements in their photos. Definitely something I’d love to do more of.


DIY Lighted Marquee Number-3670


Make your own blanket // Inspiration for a lighted number