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Annapolis engagement sessions // Hayley and Andy at Sunrise

Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-4


We met in the winter, when they basked in the glow of the first days of their engagement, and the world was shimmering in ice and magic. As they held each other close to keep warm, the joy of being in love was a bright candle in the bleak of the cold.

And while I love the peacefulness of our little waterfront city in early months of the year, the way the sun sets the sky ablaze with color on an early spring morning will always steal my heart.

As will snuggles and earnest displays of affection with reckless abandon, kisses in front of rosebushes and hugs at the end of a pier lit by the dawn.

Annapolis engagement sessions at sunrise will take your breath away.


Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-3 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-2 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-10 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-14 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-9Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-6Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-7 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-5Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-15 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-8 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-11 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-5 Annapolis engagement sessions_Anna Reynal Photography-13

Sandy Point Engagement Session // Jennifer + Mike

Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-101


Flashback to fall, with fiery orange and red all over the ground and foggy mornings that seeped into the skin, warning of winter to come.

These were busy, busy days. In the midst of moving there were so many sessions, and they still wait to be shared. My mornings were filled with people in love, people I love, and yet maybe because the weather was brooding, or because I was, my photos became a bit moodier and richer too, with an undercurrent of dreaminess and wonder at the vastness of the new places we got to explore together.

Jenn + Mike wanted a Sandy Point engagement session, on an expansive beach at the end (or beginning…depending on which way you go) of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, that giant patchwork of impossibility that I would much rather appreciate from a distance than cross. Lucky for me, we only marveled at it and in return, it spanned lovely in the background. In just a few short months, they’ll be on the other side (literally), saying their vows on the beaches just out of eye sight.

We walked along the water in the crisp and fog-heavy morning air, savoring the last days of general warmth. And rather than feeling wistful for the summer days that had long passed, or missing the feel of sand between our toes, being kept at bay (pun intended) by the cold and the mist, there was a calm and simplicity in being surrounded by such beauty and stillness that made it all that much more romantic and fulfilling.


Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-27 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-30 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-81 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-122 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-73 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-134 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-52 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-132 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-42 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-22 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-76 Jennifer and Mike engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-148

Downtown Annapolis Engagement Session // Laura + Rich


Downtown Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-28



Annapolis at sunrise is one of my favorite places. And Laura + Rich’s Downtown Annapolis engagement session at sunrise was one of my favorites from this fall…even though I’m probably not supposed to have favorites.

But, let’s be real. Tulle skirt. Sparkly shoes. Cat mugs. God, I love these two.

I’m always a fan of engagement sessions that are personal. And one of the best ways to find a perfect engagement session spot is to think about a moment, that you’ve spent together, that you’d like to go back and relive.

Laura’s moment was their engagement. Rich got down on one knee during a walk on a beach near her sister’s home, catching Laura by surprise. It was a perfect moment, and one that the two of them wanted to relive and relish by doing some of their photos in this special place. So we met at sunrise on a chilly Saturday morning for a sweet coffee-picnic and a walk on a perfect, leaf and frost covered beach, where Laura and Rich snuggled together to stay warm and remembered the summer day that they made a most special promise.

And when Laura said that she had a tulle skirt, it made perfect sense to have fun in the deserted streets of downtown Annapolis, just as the town was waking up. We got to enjoy the quiet of the sunrise in two beautiful places and celebrate the loveliness of being in love.



Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-1 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-4 Downtown Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-16 Downtown Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-21 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-13 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-2 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-23 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-17 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-9 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-10 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-11 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-8 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-6 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-3 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-15 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-22 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-20 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-14 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-5 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-12 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-26 Downtown Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-18 Annapolis engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-7

Washington Square Engagement session // Kelsey + Elgin

Schuylkill River engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-13


A few frames from Philly. I really, really love Philly.

It’s even better when really awesome people invite me to Philly, for a Washington Square engagement session, and then take me to beautiful new places along the Schuylkill River where they love to spend time with each other. And when I get to play with their puppy too? Let’s do this every weekend.

Here’s to beautiful people and couples who I want to always be friends with because they are full of life and love and joy at the prospect of getting to spend the rest of their lives with each other. And to the lovely colors of fall, that so graciously stayed into the middle of November to make this shoot so beautifully, warmly colorful.


Washington Square engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-9 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-10 Washington Square engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-4 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-1 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-6 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-7 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-2 Washington Square engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-8 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-5 Kelsey and Elgin engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-11 Schuylkill River engagement session_Anna Reynal Photography-12


Meadowlark Gardens engagement photos // Sarah + Ian


Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-8


Beautiful words will add nothing to these photos. You don’t need me to tell you how in love Sarah and Ian are – you can see it in every picture.

But I will tell you this: every engagement session includes free make-out lessons. And these two didn’t need them. Not because they were love-crazed fools, but because they are authentically, genuinely affectionate with each other and weren’t afraid of being themselves and loving each other purely and openly. Looking at them makes me treasure the feeling of being in love because theirs is the sweetest kind.

Their Meadowlark Gardens engagement photos took place where their engagement story began, and they have so many wonderful stories and beginnings ahead of them in the next few months. I adored frolicking in the last of the golden sun rays of summer with them and loved these images we made together (especially the polaroids!).



Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-9 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-11 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-13 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-16 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-5 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-12 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-2 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-3 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-7 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-14 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-4 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-15 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-10 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-17 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-6 Meadowloark Gardens engagements_Anna Reynal Photography-1