Annapolis engagement photographer // Ashley + Justin

Annapolis engagement photographer // Ashley + Justin



It’s making photos like this that makes the craziest time of the year completely worth it and then some.

So here’s the thing about Annapolis engagement sessions: there are the people who come here to admire all the nautical things, and then there’s Ashley + Justin, who actually OWN A 1980’s SAILBOAT, that they lovingly restored themselves (!)…and that’s adorably where Justin proposed. My heart beats for the romantics, and these two undoubtedly are; a nurse and a doctor who fell in love and can’t wait to sail off into the sunset together.

To be real, this is the time of year where I feel most stuck in the weekly cycle of shoot-edit-release-repeat, and at the same time fueled by creative desire to do and be more…a reality that feels like a constant tug of war in my heart to both rest and push further to bring something special into the world. I’m craving authenticity, movement, life, and emotion – the things that so easily get lost in the shuffle when it feels like everything is timed and stress is high…and I feel like I found those wonderful things in spending time and making these beauties with Ashley + Justin. To the people who aren’t afraid of feeling all of the feels – the expansiveness and intensity of true love and connection – you make all of this so incredibly worth it, because you remind me that the things of the heart are the substance of beauty.

These photos are my favorite thing about being an Annapolis engagement photographer, and I want to savor the joy of creating them forever.



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